Wherein I use the word ‘bifurcation’. Seriously. And absurdly.

I’ve built a lovely, if eclectic, following of nice people here over the years. I don’t have statistical evidence, but I suspect that of almost 3,000 subscribers, many  readers decided to follow based on some absurd offering, like the time I had the flu and revised my last will and testament (my favorite piece, by the way) or that other time that I took a houseplant hostage for complicated but very necessary reasons.

Since two of my three “Freshly Pressed” pieces were about a former student and my dear father, respectively, many of those almost-3,000 may have followed based on something serious or heartfelt that I wrote. I do acknowledge that  most  followers are probably not actually people and followed based on some clicks-to-revenue ratio that I am not smart enough to understand.

Truth is, I am absurd and I am serious.  I do  value peace and love and hyperbole and I absolutely believe that every day should hold abundant measures of all of those.

Another truth is that my life is in a season of change, and try as I might, I can’t be consistently funny or consistently thoughtful and serious.

Almost always, however, what I say is heartfelt, even—or especially—when absurd. The world is not easy on those who write or live from the heart.

Seriously absurd or absurdly serious: bifurcation is more than just a funny word.

Some months ago, I decided to delete everything (and I did), take some time off (that, too), and come back with a more consistent theme, probably even starting from scratch with a different site and zero followers.

Yet another truth is that I like “Hippie Cahier,”* or the aspects of “her” that most people like, and I know I would miss that and most of you.  And nearly 3,000 followers is a platform I never imagined having. Even if all of you disappointed in the change “unfollowed,” I’d still have the bot stats as consolation.

I’m going to take some more time to go back to the drawing board and decide where this train is headed, if anywhere. I mean, because, really, do you want to read hack material like that train-wreck of a mixed metaphor of a sentence? Yeah, I thought not.

Things change. People change. And sometimes hearts and minds change. HC still resides in my heart, but “she” has experienced enough of life to see the world as more complicated than peace, love, and hyperbole. She may have said all there is to say on those topics.

Or not.  You just never know with me.


*If you’re new around here you may not know that while my gravatar image is a picture of me, it is a snapshot from a time in my life when inner “Hippie Cahier” and my external appearance were one and the same.

34 thoughts on “Wherein I use the word ‘bifurcation’. Seriously. And absurdly.

  1. even though I am now retired, next time instead of a “va-” think I’ll consider taking a “bifur-” -cation, although that is sure to upset all animal rights (“buy” fur)


  2. There’s no vows here in BloggyVille, my friend, but thick and thin is how I plan to stick by you and your search for what’s right to write right here. So far I’ve appreciated all emotions and directions. I have no doubt I’ll want to keep reading from your spectrum of life. There’s my piece, hopefully better than a ‘bot. Now, peace to and for you.

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  3. Well, I bumped into you only recently. Everything I read from HC made perfect sense to me. If I don’t see any more, I’ll be happy with what we had. If there’s more, I’m sure I will enjoy that too. If you have something new in mind, make sure we know where to find it.

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  4. I was thinking yesterday about blogs I followed or those that followed me who have — poof! — disappeared. Blogs aren’t jobs, though they can be work. Sometimes they fill a need, and then the need ends or fades. So it goes. Some of us will still be here.


  5. Bloggers change, so it follows naturally that blogs change. I wince a little when I read some of things I wrote years ago, and as I journey on I know that some won’t want to follow the whole way. But I also know that others will join. Whatever you choose to write, it will resonate with some folks. I might say (selfishly) that I enjoy HC’s blend of humor and gravity. But I’m guessing that if something new emerges, I’ll enjoy that too. Best wishes as you get it figured out. As the Quakers like to say, way will open.


  6. Oh man. I’m a sucker for a good bifurcation. I’ve been away awhile. Whatever you plan to do, at least you’re still doing it. And that’s gotta count for something, right? Keep on keepin’ on, my friend. 🙂

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  7. I’m trying to decide if I could still love somebody who’s all about cognitive diffidence, since I don’t know what that means. Turns out I can.

    I struggle with a similar question – has there been too much serious around my place lately, when it’s supposed to be all about the funny? But I think it’s OK for me, and for you, to show all the sides of ourselves. Maybe that kind of honesty is even more of a gift.

    Whatever you decide is OK by me.

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  8. You know, I think those baseballers have it right. Work really hard for 7 or 8 months and then take the rest of the year off to rest and figure things out and get ready for what’s next.

    The rest of the world doesn’t do that. And, writing seems to be something that we always believe we have to be doing … and blogs are even more critical, because your blog is always looking at you like a hungry cat, “Aren’t you going to feed me?”

    There’s nothing wrong with a little quiet … to figure things out. To go where you want to go … and not where you think we readers want you to go.

    You just have to promise to come back. Because we like you. (And, I need another Orioles fan around to hug me through the ether and tell me it’s going to be all right.)


  9. Look what happens when I go and change computers — I “lost” your blog AND now I learn you’re toying with major changes. Well, if I was able to find you (and obviously, I did), then I’m certain you’ll make the right decision for YOU. I’m here, whatever, because that’s what friends do.



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